For the 9th consecutive year the Portuguese Kendo Association hosts a Kendo seminar led by Taro Ariga Sensei. The seminar will take place in the city of Leiria from 25th to 27th of October. On Sunday Afternoon there will be examination for Shodan.

More information about meals and accommodation will be available soon.


Taro Ariga (7º Dan Kyoshi, Portuguese Technical Director)
Hayato Okawa (7º Dan Renshi)

Pavilhão Desportivo Municipal dos Pousos
Rua Virgílio Monteiro, 2410 Leiria
GPS: 39.734805, -8.771409

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Schedule 25-27th October:

Friday 25th: 20h – 21h30
Saturday 26th: 9h – 18h
Sunday 27th: 9h – 17h (Examination 1st Dan)

The Sensei wil be staying at Hotel Mestre Afonso Domingues.

Other cheap alternatives:
Hotel Leiriense
Hotel D. Dinis

The seminar sayonara party will be Saturday in “O Carloto” restaurant. Price will be 12 euros per person.

Registration and Fees:

The seminar fee is 50€ (it does not include meals or accommodation)
The seminar is free for participants with 5th Dan or higher.

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